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Why Matchmaking Services Are Your Best Shot at Finding Your Ideal Partner

If you’ve ever used a standard online dating service where you enter information through a series of drop-down menus you have a pretty good idea of why they don’t work very well. Anyone, anywhere is able to enter anything they wish with no one to determine if the information has any basis in reality. Unfortunately, the people who suffer the most from the uncertainty created by this system are those sincerely attempting to make an honest connection with someone new. Fortunately, there is a better way.



Modern Matchmaker Services And The Perfect Fit Difference


Matchmaker services represent a far more personal, selective approach to finding a significant other that focuses on the needs of the living, breathing person instead of data points. It’s a more patient, thorough and targeted process devoid of the free-for-all aspects of most dating websites.


If you are a person of means in the Toronto area you’ll want to consider Perfect Fit to handle your matchmaking needs as we cater specifically to a discriminating, affluent, successful clientele whose ability to pursue that most important of relationships can sometimes suffer due to their hectic lifestyles. Some of the major advantages of our exclusive service include:

  • No Games – The people you meet through Perfect Fit are coming to the process with the same goal as you: to find someone for a meaningful, healthy long-term relationship. As a result you’ll never have a blind introduction where your date’s deceptions are suddenly cast into the light.
  • No Heavy Lifting for You – By the time you first meet your potential match many long hours of work have gone on behind the scenes at Perfect Fit matchmaking services interviewing, checking, cross referencing, discussing and preparing, all so that you can simply enjoy each other’s company on your special night.
  • Useful Pre-Date Info – Having already interviewed your potential match the team at Perfect Fit will be able to give you valuable insights regarding their mannerisms, sense of humour and the way they carry themselves and interact: good things to know to help avoid misunderstandings that could derail a first encounter.
  • Feedback – No average online dating service on earth will provide you with date feedback, but we will. We encourage and share feedback from both parties after a date so that no one is left guessing where things stand.
  • Confidentiality – While you enjoy a degree of anonymity on most dating websites, there’s a difference between anonymity and confidentiality. More often than not dating site X will sell your personal information to third parties as a way to raise revenue. That will never happen with Perfect Fit matchmaking services. Your personal information is safe with us and no one will ever know you are a client of ours unless you tell them.


Perfect Fit is the matchmaking service of choice for discerning, sophisticated, affluent individuals in Toronto who are seeking a meaningful connection with beautiful people of substance. You can search the databases of the world’s dating websites for the rest of your life and never find the quality connections that you will by putting our team of relationship professionals to work for you.

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