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Single Events in Toronto

Meeting someone for the first time is often a nerve-wracking experience. The pressure is on to be perfect and it seems like all eyes are on you from the moment you walk in the room. But what if you could meet exciting new people free of the all-or-nothing pressure of a one on one encounter and share good times in a relaxed environment over a delicious dinner? At Perfect Fit we organize a series ofsingles events in Toronto where a small, hand-picked group of our clients (equal numbers of men and ladies) get together for an evening of good food and easy fun.



Why Our Singles Events in Toronto Work


It’s not complicated. We select a small group of our clients based on a variety of criteria including personal background and mutual interests and bring them together in one of Toronto’s best, most exciting restaurants. Aviva and her assistants work the group making introductions and supplying the first round of drinks. Once everyone is acquainted and things have loosened up a bit we take a back seat and let the evening go where it may. There are many advantages to meeting exciting new people this way that start with the lack of pressure and include:

  • An Opportunity to Shine – Since you are not preparing to impress one particular individual you are free to just be the amazing person you are. Our dedicated staff will provide you with all manner of assistance to make sure you look and feel your best the night of the event, but the emphasis is on just being you.
  • Having a Great Dining Experience – Our staff are experts at picking the newest, trendiest, hippest places with the most exciting menus in Toronto for our get togethers. We do our homework so you can be sure you’ll never wind up with ordinary people at an ordinary restaurant during one of our singles events.
  • A Manageable Size Group – Ever attend one of those singles events that draw hundreds of hopefuls? The feeling of being lost in such a large group as well as feeling more single than when you walked in are common complaints that come from people who have. PerfectFit singles events in Toronto are comprised of between 8 and 12 singles in total so you’ll never feel like you’re lost in a sea of lonely hearts.
  • The Chance to Meet Someone Special – With the pressure off and a small group of dynamic, engaging men and women on hand your chance of making a meaningful connection has never been better. Many of the successful matches Aviva and the team have made resulted from encounters at one of our singles events in Toronto. Far from being lost in a crowd, you and that special someone may just find yourselves.
  • The Chance to Make New Friends – While healthy, loving, long-term relationships are the ultimate goal you also have the opportunity to make wonderful new friends and expand your social circle at one of our singles events in Toronto. After all, you can never be too rich or have too many friends.


Attending one of our Perfect Fit singles events in Toronto is a great way to meet and enjoy the company of other sophisticated, worldly, like-minded singles for friendship, fun and more. All our get togethers are individually crafted by our staff to provide a unique, high quality experience and that means no two are ever exactly alike. Our goal is to provide the key that opens the door to new adventures, new friends and new possibilities. So leave your worries behind and join us for an unforgettable evening. 

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these events sound like a lot of fun!