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Perfect-Fit vs. Online Dating Sites in Toronto & Canada

While there have certainly been those who found "the one” through online dating sites, these lucky few represent an incredibly tiny minority. The unfortunate reality is that online dating sites have far more in common with online gambling than they do with matchmaking and if you’ve ever tried one of them you know what we mean. The sheer preponderance of people hiding ulterior motives behind concocted facades is staggering and every time you take a chance and engage someone through one of these sites the odds are overwhelming that you will be disappointed or worse.



Then How Did Online Dating Sites Become So Popular?


There are a lot of reasons and most lead back to the fact that people, whether in Canada or anywhere else, desperately want an alternative to the bar/club/party scene when it comes to meeting other people. Even though the track record of Internet dating is spotty at best dating sites continue to feed off this desire for an easier, better way with an approach based on a pretty simple formula:

  • Numbers – Just like gambling online dating is a numbers game. The fact that you have access to thousands of potentials means that you actually stand a tiny chance of finding one person you may get along with in the real world. It’s like buying a lottery ticket and holding your breath. You might win, though the odds are better that you’ll get struck by lightning.
  • Filtering – There are some online dating sites out there that make a concerted effort to create quality matches for people. They employ complex algorithms and seriously sophisticated filtering systems to try and ensure your success and they are to be applauded for their efforts. The problem is they’re using information supplied anonymously. They don’t have any way to confirm any of it so you must take it on faith that the other person is being honest.
  • Safety – Online dating’s big weakness – anonymity – is also one of its biggest strengths. Even if you take a chance and contact someone through a dating site you’ll still be able to maintain a certain level of anonymity and distance while you try and decide if that scar across his cheek could really be from crashing his Bentley as he claims.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to the effectiveness of online dating sites is the very idea that you could come up with an algorithm that would be able to say definitively "This person belongs with that person.” That’s because a successful match is as much about intangibles as it is about sheer scientific data, as much about "sparks” as it is about where someone went to school, as much about simply feeling comfortable next to the other person as it is about favourite Toronto restaurants.



The Perfect Fit Difference


At Perfect Fit we understand that people are not mountains of data to be collated, they’re unique, complex individuals and the only way to get any idea of who they really are is to sit down with them in person and get a read on their vibe, their manner and their idiosyncrasies. Before we arrange any introduction we make sure both people involved have been personally interviewed and thoroughly vetted. We get to know each of our clients in a way no online dating site ever could so when the time comes we’re matching real people, not data points or anonymous frauds. Our service features:

  • Total confidentiality
  • An experienced, highly qualified matchmaking and support team
  • Strict adherence to ethical and personal criteria and standards
  • Your complete happiness and satisfaction as our guiding principle.


If you are an extraordinary man or woman in Toronto, Canada seeking a healthy, lasting, meaningful relationship put our team of experts to work for you and see the difference Perfect Fit makes.


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