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Single Events in Toronto single events in toronto

Single Events in Toronto

Meeting someone for the first time is often a nerve-wracking experience. The pressure is on to be perfect and it seems like all eyes are on you from the moment you walk in the room. But what if you could meet exciting new people free of the all-or-nothing pressure of a one on one ...
Perfect-Fit vs. Online Dating Sites in Toronto and Canada perfect fit vs online dating sites in toronto and canada

Perfect-Fit vs. Online Dating Sites in Toronto & Canada

While there have certainly been those who found "the one” through online dating sites, these lucky few represent an incredibly tiny minority. The unfortunate reality is that online dating sites have far more in common with online gambling than they do with matchmaking and if you’ve ...
Our Top Tips for Success at Toronto Singles Events our top tips for success at toronto singles events

Our Top Tips for Success at Toronto Singles Events

If it has been a few years since you had to think about how to behave when meeting potential partners for the first time, our short guide may help you to make a more confident start this time around. There is no golden key that will unlock the door to dating success at singles nights, ...
Millionaire Matchmaker in Toronto millionaire matchmaker in toronto

Millionaire Matchmaker in Toronto

Unlike a dating website where you enter your information and wait for a computer to find the love of your life for you a professional matchmaker takes personal control of your case and gets to know you through a series of face to face meetings. For all but the most basic tasks the ...
Millionaire Dating in Toronto millionaire dating in toronto

Millionaire Dating in Toronto

Perfect Fit co-founder Aviva Reimer has created a matchmaking service for wealthy, successful Toronto professionals founded on the principles of integrity, honesty and a sincere desire to help her clients find the happiness they deserve. Aviva knows that real, lasting ...
Matchmaker Services Vs. Going It Alone matchmaker services vs going it alone

Matchmaker Services Vs. Going It Alone

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You may be enjoying success in your career and have a busy social life, with lots of genuine friends, but if a mutually satisfying romantic relationship has eluded you thus far, you might be feeling somewhat unfulfilled. While some people are perfectly happy to live alone, others ...
Common Misconceptions About Introduction Services common misconceptions about introduction services

Common Misconceptions About Introduction Services

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Matchmaking is not a new concept by any means: in many countries it has been a tradition for centuries, with parents or close relatives helping to choose a partner for young men and women in the family or at least pointing them in the right direction. Professional Introduction services, ...