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Millionaire Matchmaker in Toronto

Unlike a dating website where you enter your information and wait for a computer to find the love of your life for you a professional matchmaker takes personal control of your case and gets to know you through a series of face to face meetings. For all but the most basic tasks the computer is taken out of the equation and the matchmaker becomes the final arbiter of who will be chosen to meet who. The responsibility is enormous and any person in such a position needs to be well versed in both social metaphysics as they relate to personal relationships as well as the personal long term goals of the client.



Aviva Reimer, Perfect Fit co-founder, is in many ways the ultimate millionaire matchmaker with years of experience in personal coaching, fitness training and image consulting among the movers and shakers of New York and Toronto. She brings all her experience – plus her finely honed ability to read people and situations – to bear upon the needs of each of her millionaire clients and strives to ensure the trust they show in her is well founded and will bear meaningful fruit.



Why Consult a Professional Millionaire Matchmaker?


Aviva and the entire team at Perfect Fit guide you through every step of the matchmaking process; checking and double checking possibilities, advising you on health and beauty tips to enhance your confidence and coordinating initial contacts that will place both parties at ease and in the best possible state to enjoy and appreciate each other’s company. Aviva and her team work tirelessly to:

  • Earn Your Trust – Matchmaking is so much more than simply putting person A together with person B and saying "Good luck.” Being amillionaire matchmaker in particular is the culmination of a thorough and meticulous learning process undertaken by Aviva and her team into what makes each of our clients click and how their personality, wants and desires can best be met by another, very particular person. When we introduce people it’s because we believe in them and their potential together.
  • Safeguard Your Privacy – Aviva is the Toronto area’s premier millionaire matchmaker because she and her entire team understand your need for absolute privacy and discretion. Every bit of personal information you provide to Perfect Fit will be used for one purpose only: to secure a loving, healthy, lasting relationship for you. Your information will never be resold or disclosed to anyone without your permission and no one will know of your affiliation with Perfect Fit unless you tell them.
  • Safeguard Your Person – Meeting strangers is a process loaded with possibilities both positive and potentially dangerous. Agreeing to see someone you may have met through an online dating service means exposing yourself when you are at your most vulnerable and hoping the other person is who they say they are. Perfect Fit does not expose you to such a relationship roulette and every one of our clients is personally vetted by our staff before you ever meet them.


Not just anyone can be a millionaire matchmaker. You must be comfortable with the people you’re dealing with and their sophisticated milieu, be familiar with social circles they operate in, be impeccably trained in the art of socializing and at the same time know how to get normally reserved people to open up about themselves and their hopes and dreams. No small order that.


If you are a successful person of means and feel your life is missing that one other person who could give it context and direction contact Toronto’s true millionaire matchmaker today. Aviva and her team are here for you, poised to help.