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5 years ago
Hello Ro Delo,

Good question! It certainly does depend on what kind of relationship you have with your partner. Are you married or not? How long have you been together and how strong is the relationship apart from this issue? Men usually are efected if they are having a tough time with their career . I would need more information to really asses and give you the right answer.

If you have a great relationship and are in a committed situation such as marriage, common law, or long term, its all about supporting each other through good and the bad. However, if you are dating or exclusive and the partner is not trying to work on this issue with you, or possibly using this as an excuse than there is a diferent way to deal with this before you walk away. Just remember that you are in control of you, and your decisions need to be based on integrity and logic in order to make the right one. Also, timing in life is very important when it comes to personal growth. Sometimes you grow together and sometimes you need to cut your loses and grow on your own.

I would definitly need some details to further advise you with the "Correct" desision to make. Feel free to call my office and ask for Aviva Reimer , and i will give you the right corse of action and communication so you can do the right thing.