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Toronto Millionaire Matchmaker’s Tips for Spicing Up Your Relationship

Toronto Millionaire Matchmaker’s Tips for Spicing Up Your Relationship
Whether you’re dating or happily settled into a long term relationship or marriage, one recurring issue that nearly every couple experiences is a decline in sexual or romantic activity—compared to the heightened states of libido we experience when first meeting someone. We talked about the biochemistry of this a bit in my last blog, and you can pop over there after to give it a read for further insights into the mechanics of attraction. Today, we’re going to go over three points that I’ve used in my practice as a lifestyle coach to keep that flame roaring and hot!

The first tip isn’t an exciting one, but it’s possibly the most important! You need to acknowledge that a relationship is hard work. Rewarding work at the best of times, sure. But there are going to be times where you’re each—or equally—dealing with stress and external stressors that dampen your focus on the relationship and your sexual or emotional bonds with one another. Even so, as long as you’re aware of the ebb and flow of passion, you can keep it in the back of your mind, always; keep that flame burning, and stoke it to life again once you’ve dealt with whatever new roadblocks life has thrown at you. 

On to the second tip! You need to schedule time for intimacy, possibly even sex. To some people, the idea of “booking” time with their significant other for intimacy or intercourse feels clunky and awkward. But in reality, we lead very busy lives and it is all too common for our relationship matters to get shuffled to the side in lieu of more important “appointments”. So, if we’ve made date night, romp night, or whatever night of your own choosing a priority, a scheduled matter, we’re psychologically instilling importance and forming positive relationship-habits. 

Now for the final tip! You need to be open to experimentation and growth. Stagnation and boredom are the death of any relationship, intimate or otherwise. People are stimulated through change. Couples grow through exploring their needs, fears, and desires with each other. I’m not suggesting you all run out a join a swinger’s caravan! But maybe! If that’s your thing, and something equally desired, discussed and agreed upon by both parties, then yes, perhaps that caravan is exactly what you need. Experimentation can be something as simple as trying new positions, new toys, or new locations for your intimacy, too. We all have different limits and definitions of what’s sexy and so long as we’re discussing these fantasies in an open, welcoming environment with our partners, there’s very little that can go wrong and even less to fear. 

—Aviva xoxo