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The Key to Health and Mental Wellness: Building a Sanctuary

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The Key to Health and Mental Wellness: Building a Sanctuary
Aside from being a matchmaker, I’m a life coach and trainer, too. So today I’d like to share with you some of my tips for staying sane, healthy, and strong. In times as troubled as these, with negativity and dissent on every horizon, it has never been more important to have a sanctuary for your thoughts and spirit. The world and our exposure to the constant stream of unrest will threaten even the strongest constitution. 

First, you need to build or find a place free from external noise and influence where you can feel safe and collect your thoughts. This doesn’t necessarily mean a panic room or bunker! Just a room or corner of your home that feels comfortable and quiet; a place that you can fill with pictures, mementos; a place where you can partake in your hobbies or pastimes without interruption.  

Silence is important. In silence, we hear our thoughts and more deeply connect with our needs (not wants). This can be a terrifying process at first, as we usually fill our lives with so much distraction and noise—FB, Twitter, Netflix. On that note—digital noise—it’s important to disconnect from all social media and devices if only for an hour or two. After all, you can’t have ‘silence’ if your phone is constantly pinging with alerts and notifications. 

Once you have achieved relative silence, you need to reflect. Now reflection is the act/ state of calm, rational examination. It’s a good state in which to question your beliefs and attitudes and the actions of others—moreover, your interpretation of them. Did your brother really mean to say that somewhat insulting thing? Or was it just another awkward turn of phrase? Reflection helps us diffuse anger and fear as we can often discover the root cause for our emotional responses and determine if our initial reactions are valid or not. 

Reflection is also a great state in which to complete our period of self-reflection with a pause for gratitude. The importance of gratitude cannot be overstated. Our very lives are a gift; each breath, each moment. We often get so caught up in stress and worry that we lose sight of the things in our lives that are beneficial and good. Setting aside a time to reflect on what you’re grateful for will make you a stronger, happier person than someone who does not. 

And as with all disciplines in life, practice makes perfect! Don’t expect to conquer your inner demons and achieve the perfect state of bliss in a day. Try and try again. Set aside that five, ten or however many minutes you can spare per day and do your best to be calm and grateful.

That’s all we can do, and all you should expect of yourself in a world that more often than not wants to break you down. I’m here, too, as your coach and personal cheerleader, so if you’re struggling, reach out and let me inspire you!

—Aviva xoxo