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The Dos and Don’ts on How to Survive Holiday Dating

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The Dos and Don’ts on How to Survive Holiday Dating

The holidays are quickly creeping up on us and it’s a time of year that can be both magical and worrisome for both singles and those who find themselves in a budding new relationship. With expert advice from Perfect Fit’s Aviva Reimer, here with some tips on how to survive the infamous “cuffing season”.


Dos and don’ts on how to survive holiday dating:
DON’T move too fast - Do not feel pressured to bring your brand new beau to your family’s next big holiday fam jam. Sit down with them and talk about the path the relationship is on to gauge exactly how serious it is or isn’t getting. It’s okay not to bring them but if you feel like the moment’s right, consider having them come for coffee later on in the night, so it’s a bit more casual and laid back.

DO buy gifts - As part of tradition and the holiday spirit, you should definitely give your date a gift. However, if you have just started seeing each other, stray away from buying them anything too expensive. Extravagant gifts can feel as if you’re rushing the relationship into a direction it’s not ready to be in yet. Keep it simple and sentimental!

DON’T drink too much -  In the event that you do get invited as a plus one to a family or work event, make sure you know your limits! Have a drink or two, but keep them to a minimum. You wouldn’t want to embarrass your significant other, after all, you are their guest.

DON’T settle -  Holiday activities are one of the best things to do as a couple, from making gingerbread houses to walking around the Christmas Market. If you are dating, be careful during this time of year and make sure you’re not settling for someone you normally would not be

interested in just so you have someone to spend the holidays with. Don’t stress, you will find someone soon enough!

DO give each other space - After all, the holidays are also for spending time with families and loved ones. It can be frustrating not to get to spend as much time together as you normally would but remember,  you can still check in with each other through phone calls, text messages and video apps. Remember, they will be busy with family so do not get too upset if they can’t answer right away!

“Dating has always been a tricky world to navigate, especially now with the popularity of dating apps and social media. The holidays can add an extra layer of complexity especially with couples in the early stages of their relationship,” says Perfect Fit founder Aviva Reimer.


“The trick is trying to maintain a healthy rhythm with your new beau and not letting the whirlwind of the holiday season carelessly escalate the relationship too quickly.”