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Staying Healthy and Strong During the Pandemic

Staying Healthy and Strong During the Pandemic

Committing to a regime of fitness and health can be as tough as dating in these challenging times. It’s hard enough to stay on track when life is normal, let alone this “new normal” in which we’ve found ourselves. But don’t despair, sometimes change is for the better; change can shake us up from old habits and cause us to embrace new ones—it’s all in how you look at life! Is the glass half empty or half full? Half full, of course! 


The first thing you need to do is to find or create a new space to workout. This doesn’t have to be a large space, and, depending upon what type of exercise you enjoy—calisthenics, free weights—you might have very little equipment to acquire and setup to do before you begin.


The title image is an example of a small and fully featured home gym that I set up for a client that offers most of everything you’d need for a full-body workout. Amazon remains a great resource to buy/ find equipment. If you’re not a “do-it-yourselfer”, my Lifestyle Concierge companies— and Living Beautifully—both offer full-service delivery and setup for home gyms, too!   


Now of course the hard part isn’t the setup, but the execution. Again, I’m available for all your coaching and fitness needs. Still, you need to ensure that you have allotted the time and prepared the right mindset for any physical routine. 


Remember: this pandemic doesn’t have to be a wholly negative experience. We can use this time away from life’s usual distractions to focus on what’s important: our happiness and our health.

—Aviva xoxo