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Seven ways to qualify a man before your date!

Seven ways to qualify a man before your date!


Women want a man who is worth their time and effort. So, when a woman makes an effort just to find a cold dud instead of the hot date she was expecting, it can be disappointing. Here are seven ways to qualify a man before your first date:



First impressions are everything. They are critical when it comes to getting a date to begin with, so I call this the “hook.” Initially, you can be interested in his looks, but what about the substance that he possesses? If he lacks maturity, or has no substance, you might want to count him out. What he is bringing to the table in character and how he will treat you is key, so pay close atten-tion to the little things he does or doesn’t do. Does he offer you a drink? Does he compliment you? Does he open the door or pull out your chair? If you don’t find him intriguing, then there will be nothing to build a relationship on.



Integrity is everything, so pay attention to how he keeps his word and executes his promises. It is a red flag if he is not following through with what he shares. Pay attention to how attentive he is. How often does he contact you? Does he call or text? Make sure you are having a decent conversation with him before your date. This means picking up the phone and talking to him. The way he communicates with you before a date will show how his conversation skills will be in person. Is he direct and to the point, or elusive? Does he sound rushed and annoyed? These are all great clues to what is coming next. In a witty and none inter- rogating way, ask all your key questions and learn more about your potential man.



Is he listening to what you are saying to him? Does he want to know more about you? If he does, it is a good sign. If you have kids, is he asking about them or where their father is? You want a man that will care about your life and what you need—and someone who wants to know how he will fit into the picture. You want him to be paying attention to you.



By asking about his career you are getting an impression of his world and personality. A man that is an artist has a different set

of skills and interests in comparison to a man who sells insur- ance. It is not about how much money he makes but more about how his career choice influences him as a person, and if that is compatible with you.



A kind gesture can be shown through a man acting on a promise or doing something special for you. He has to be willing to offer you something without being offered anything in return. A kind gesture will show if he is listening to what you tell him and if he is willing to do something just to make you happy and smile.



Again, how often does he talk to you? Is he consistent in his actions and communication? A man that is consistent shows that he is making you a priority. It shows he is serious and will follow through on what he says.



How truthful is he? Does he keep his word? Is he showing you his genuine self? As women, we need to determine if a man is being his honest and true self, or if he is lying just to get us into bed. It is your job to see that initial attraction, go through these steps and find out if he honestly does care about you. You cannot completely qualify a man until you know he is being truthful and open to you. As a rule, I always encourage woman to execute the 90 day rule of no sex before monogamy. I guarantee you that if he is willing to wait and truly get to know the person you are, then you just might have a winner!


Women want a quality man and the best way to discover if a man is worth your time is to slowly go through the seven ways to qualify him. Allowing yourself time to have some conversa- tions in order to understand his personality and his real intention before you meet for your first date. Two or three conversations and how he stays in touch with you should determine if he is worth meeting.








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