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Reflections on Romance from a Millionaire Matchmaker in Toronto

Reflections on Romance from a Millionaire Matchmaker in Toronto
I hope that you and/ or the women in your life all had a terrific Mother’s Day, which is a celebration of love, life and womanhood. My darling daughter and I had Mamosas and made some incredible memories. With that in mind, I wanted to remind all you seekers and romantics out there that true contentment and success—in relationships or otherwise—begins in the home, from a place of comfort and spiritual equilibrium. 
The old adage, “you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself”, is poignantly true; a reminder that before looking for that ‘special someone’ to complete us, we should retool our thinking and ourselves to be complete. We attract the energy we emit. So if you’re looking for a ‘complete’ person, you should, logically, be complete yourself or you have nothing compelling to offer them.
Start from a small place, start from a sanctuary of family, friends, love and home. Once you have that sanctuary, strength and satisfaction, you will begin to draw that same energy into your life. And because life can still be full of stumbles, even when you’re in a good place, I am here to help you avoid the typical dating pitfalls and find that special person—perhaps a millionaire—who will elevate you to new heights of achievement and personal growth.
—Aviva xoxo