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Navigating the Choppy-Waters of Online Dating

Navigating the Choppy-Waters of Online Dating
Dating was never easy. Online dating has both revolutionized our ability to make a connection as well as added countless new hurdles to overcome. One of the biggest issues with online personas is that people are never quite what they seem. On the positive side, this can lead to unexpected similarities, adorable quirks or commonalities. On the negative side, this can lead to cheating, duplicity and lies. While it’s best to approach every situation in life with a “glass half full” attitude, an open mind and heart, I’d recommend a healthy dose of skepticism and shrewdness until you discern who, exactly, the person is with whom you’re speaking. 
It’s also important to note that everyone—even you—comes pre-built with differing habits and personality traits. And in this flick-or-click-to-like era you can also be too dismissive or critical. Even if you one day find “the one”, that person will have a lifetime of worries and faults that you must shoulder to some degree (not as a parent, but as a partner and lover). No one is perfect, and we should not expect perfect. At best, we should look for as many shared interests, values and attractions as possible with our mate, while still having ideas, beliefs and hobbies that are ours and ours alone. 
Be careful out there! But also be ready and willing to find love. And let’s not forget me, your friendly millionaire matchmaker, who’s here to help you with the ultimate mind, body and spirit makeover, or, to connect you with your perfect fit through our services. 
—Aviva xoxo