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Marriage, It’s Not for Everyone

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Marriage, It’s Not for Everyone
Marriage, like anything in life, is not for everyone. Marriage represents a lasting, legal bond between two people—“Till death do us part”, as they say. Marriage isn’t a process to be undertaken lightly, or on a whim. Choosing to commit to someone on that level means that you should trust that person, wholly and without question, with your financial and spiritual welfare. 

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to relationships, nor should there be. We are all uniquely structured in our configuration of hopes, fears, and passions. That’s why marriage, in the most traditional sense, may not be the exact solution to your emotional needs. Some people value their freedom—financial, physical, emotional—too much. Some people have incredibly busy lives that don’t allow for the time, homebodying, and investment that makes for a successful marriage. Some people have already committed in this regard (divorced) and are too averse to the inclination to do so again; they have complete and independent lives and don’t want to sacrifice that freedom a second (or third, or fourth!) time. This doesn’t mean that these people should be denied love or companionship. It simply means we need to look at more palatable solutions for them.

That’s where Perfect Fit and our expert matchmaking team comes in! We’ll sit down with you, take the time to discern your particulars and personality, and then match you with someone who comes as close to what you need—truly need—as possible. Remember, no one is perfect, but we can still find you your “perfect fit”: that one person, beautiful and flawed as they are, who compliments you so well, while not causing you to lose what makes you special. 

—Aviva xoxo