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It is very rewarding to hear that Our Exclusive Matchmaking Service is worth it!

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 A Testimonial from our client about our Exclusive Matchmaking Service!
Good morning Aviva!
 I wanted to send you this testimonial in support of helping you grow your business and to bring  this opportunity to others. Please feel free to share my amazing experience with you. 
I met Aviva from Perfect Fit in the fall of 2014. I had decided to take a more efficient approach to finding some quality dating options when it came to meeting a beautiful and compatible lady. I had a few interviews with Aviva and immediately became a client. That's how comfortable she made me feel. What a journey this experience has been, because not only did i meet a great girl, i also discovered things about my place of mind during the process which allowed me to grow, and become more ready to begin this new chapter with a sweet person. I was very capable of meeting woman as i am a confident professional, however, to pick and choose with Aviva’s guidance certainly took the emotional vetting and dissapointment out of my hands. It all comes down to quality over quantity and i would do this again in a heart beat.  I am currently in a relationship with an incredible girl. I am so happy with her. She is the type of woman I've been looking for. I recommend Aviva from Perfect Fit to anyone looking for love and a committed relationship. It's worth it :)) 
Nick Stathakis