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Fitness and Makeovers Are Part of Becoming the Total Package

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Fitness and Makeovers Are Part of Becoming the Total Package
Let me share with you some basic knowledge I’ve acquired through my decades of being a fitness and lifestyle coach in the GTA and abroad. While this is hardly a secret, the connections between body, mind, and spirit have been well known and documented within medical and wellness communities. Each aspect of the ‘triangle’ influences another. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind that leads to a healthy spirit. Now the direction of this influence can be either backward or forward: i.e. a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, too. So it doesn’t really matter where you begin on the triangle, only that you move from one point of strength to another. 

Fixing our minds and spirits, I’ve found, isn’t as easy as fixing the shell (body) in which we live. Through decades of practice in guiding people to reshape themselves inside and out, I’ve found it’s easiest to start with the outside; building confidence and a connection to one’s inner self through conquering fitness and body objectives. As people begin to look and feel closer to their “ideal” selves, they become more capable of recognizing the importance of health in their lives, which in turn leads them to examine and retool other aspects of their thinking and belief-systems that may be negative or limiting (or "limiting beliefs", as I call them in my book, "Becoming the Total Package”—now available on Amazon and all major retailers). 

It’s a chain reaction of self-improvement, as once you get in the habit of correcting many of your issues (not all, as we all have faults we just need to work around and accept) the rest are easier to spot and address. So yes, starting with something as seemingly superficial as training our bodies actually leads us to deeper examinations of what lies beyond the skin. In almost every instance of personal transformation in my practice, I’ve noticed this beautiful metamorphosis and personal insight and growth by beginning with something as simple as regular exercise. 

—Aviva xoxo