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Finding Your Perfect Fit; Toronto Matchmaker Can Help You Do the Hard Work First!

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Finding Your Perfect Fit; Toronto Matchmaker Can Help You Do the Hard Work First!

Being single isn't easy; not even with a professional matchmaker like me at your side! Simply finding a person with whom you have an enjoyable date is a difficult enough challenge for most of us. Now finding someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with--should that be one of your ambitions--is another matter. Hollywood has seduced us with the notions that love is "star-crossed" or has set romantic hurdles, which, once overcome, will result in a lifetime of harmony and happiness. Only this isn't true and is quite detrimental to a healthy commitment. We will encounter hardship, loss and tragedy throughout our lives, now multiply that by two (for your partner), then three or more if you have children together and you begin to see how tangled the road ahead can be. 


Clear expectations, honesty and integrity are the foundations of lasting relationships. A house built without considering the happiness of another will fall. A life of lies and you'll begin to confuse what is real with what is false. And having the courage to look at where you may be wavering or dishonest requires, you guessed it, integrity! In my practice, I've found integrity to be the core of a strong partner. Integrity grounds all other aspects of oneself together, like a magnet and an anchor in one. 


So starting from a place of integrity, before you even begin to explore the possibility of opening up your life to someone, you need to ask yourself the hard, painful questions about your true desires and whatever lies you tell (we all have ones we tell ourselves!). Once you've done that soul-searching, you're ready to begin working on correcting your faults. You'll never be perfect--as none of us are--though you can reach a state where you're better than you ever were before, and where you can notice when your integrity, and everything else that's attached to it, begins to crumble. 


At best, and after years of transformation, we become masters of knowing ourselves--the bad and good--and therefore masters of knowing our limits and when to stop ourselves before plunging over a moral cliff from which we may not return. But it never needs to get to that point! Since I’m here to guide you, hand in hand, away from whatever pitfalls and personal struggles you might encounter. I’m here to provide you with the tools and strategies to conquer your inner demons and to choose the love you deserve for the life you want.


--Aviva xoxo