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Do you have a FAQ section on Matchmaking Folks

Do you have a FAQ section on Matchmaking Folks
Hello Perfect Fit - Do you have a FAQ section on some of the questions people ask the most when looking for a match? I am looking for someone to help match me but before I do, I'd like to read some of the things that people have asked questions about. Just as a guide to see some of people's thoughts when looking for a match.


By Perfect Fit
Dear Fashionista ,
Yes we get all kinds of legit questions about Matchmaking. I will mention them below with the answers to follow. Feel free to send along a few you may have as well.
Q. How is Perfect Fit  different then other matchmaking companies?
A. Perfect Fit  stands out from other companies because we are a very detailed and personal service when it comes to taking care of our clients. We dig much deeper in our qualification process when putting introductions together and provide support and coaching along the way. Integrity is everything in our protocol and we also provide a variety of other services that can positively effect several areas of concern such as fitness, image consulting, and make overs. Our company is known for maintaining a very elite level of quality in our introductions with serious clients only.
Q. How do i get started?
A.Once you decide that you are ready to move forward , we set up a detailed interview and create your wish list of things that are important to you. We build your package specifically around your needs and wants, and book your personal Photo Shoot. Once we have a a good understanding of who you are and what you are looking for, we get to work. The adventure begins!
Q. What is a successful introduction?
A. A successful introduction is based on how we are able to facilitate your needs and wants. Idealy Matchmakers are hired to create oportunity in meeting the right person. Our clients are specific in the type of person they see themselves with, and a qualified introduction would consist of being itroduced to someone who posses all the qualities you have requested, the right look, and compatibility as well. Our clients make the decisions and only meet the intoductions they approve. 
Q. How should i choose my Matchmaker?
A. Choose someone that has great insight and the right eye when choosing a candidate. A matchmaker with plenty experience in human relations is key, as you need to trust their ability to see things you can't. 
I hope I have provided some good insigt for you. If you have more questions, please send them on this platform and i will happily accomodate with further answers.
Aviva Reimer