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Do nice guys really finish last?

Do Nice guys really finish last?
We've all heard the saying, "He/She is too Nice." What Does that Mean? 
A Great Listener? One who Pays You a lot of Attention? One who Treats You like Royalty? Someone who will Stop at Nothing to Make You Happy? Someone who Does a Lot for You?
All these Actions are What Everyone Wants in a Partner, so What's the Problem?
I strongly believe that there are a few key things that need to be understood about this. Its not that good guys loose out or finish last, it simply comes down to personality, experience, and knowing how to keep someone intrieged. Some of us are a little naive or inexperienced in certain areas of relationships and this can create some imbalance when getting to know someone. We all need a little chase and excitement, and too much of something or lack there of, can set you back. Woman often fall in love simply because of how a man treats her. Woman want the "nice" guy, but he also needs to know how to take charge in certain aspects of the relationship and not be a push over. Some mental stimulation with a little push and pull is not a bad thing, especialy in the bedroom! This needs to come from confidence and experience.  
It's about Creating that Spark, Sexiness, Mystery, Making Your Partner Intrigued, having Excitement, Get that Chemistry Going.
Without these Crucial Elements You're Just a Friend. It's Not About Being too NICE. No One Wants to be treated Badly, or be with a Bore for that matter. However, having that Sexual Excitement within a Relationship is what brings it to the Next Level. Go ahead, be a little Naughty .