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Dating Trends to watch out for in 2019:

Dating Trends to watch out for in 2019:
Group dates - Singles are moving away from traditional two-person dates and leaning towards group dating instead. This is particularly popular in fitness, where singles moving towards fun group classes like indoor cycling, weight training and running groups.

Sliding into DMs - Dating apps are no longer king with the kids these days thanks to those #sexyselfies and #thirsttraps singles like to post of themselves on Instagram. The dating scene has made its way to the social media app, especially now with their private messaging features.

No more cookie-cutter dates - Gone are the days of coffee dates and the casual dinner and a movie. These days, singles are looking for fun and dynamic dates that’ll get you both out of your comfort zone. From paint nights, axe throwing, escape rooms or interactive and instagrammable pop-up installations - singles value the experience just as much as company they share it with.

The rise of matchmaking - In a world where ghosting has become the norm and swiping right has led some singles to constantly be on the lookout for the “next best thing”, it’s no wonder many feel like online dating is a trap for constant disappointment. Because of this, matchmaking is on the rise especially for those looking for serious relationships contenders or a dating experience that’s more personal.

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