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Dating During the Pandemic

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Dating During the Pandemic
As you can imagine, making a romantic connection with someone at a time when we’re supposed to be socially distancing isn’t an easy task. But now that guidelines have loosened—somewhat—we have a bit more flexibility, and perhaps even some new opportunities, when it comes to dating.

Since we’re supposed to be limited to small gatherings, that allows us to spend quality alone time with our partner or potential partners. Go for a quiet walk in the park, arrange for a picnic for two, or prepare a candlelit dinner for the both of you. I believe the best way to look at this shift in social behaviour is to a.) adapt b.) accept the changes as challenges to your old ways of being. 

Besides, we’re often so stuck in our habits that it’s difficult to shake ourselves free of them. Earth-shattering events—like a pandemic—do exactly this. 

Now when it comes to casual dating, or just getting to know someone (as the above are examples of more advanced stages of getting to know someone), here’s where the internet and our connectivity with each other can shine! 

Connect with your romantic interests via social media. Try and stay off the apps though, as those can be more of a dating mini-game than for making genuine connections. But it’s easier than ever to FaceTime or video chat with someone. I would recommend these avenues over texting or messaging since you get to see the person in action, unfiltered and more real than through prepared messages. 

So, as you can see there are plenty of options for romantic partners new and old. In love, the only thing we’re limited by is our imaginations. 

—Aviva xoxo