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Becoming the Total Package

What does becoming the total package mean? It means learning how to change your mind to make wiser and better choices. It means learning how to open your heart to possibilities and wonder. Becoming the Total Package is more than a simple "self-help" manual: it's a complete roadmap of experience, anecdotes and exercises to guide you step-by-step toward a complete reinvention. Becoming The Total Package is the culmination of decades of intimate and life-changing experiences achieved through Aviva Reimer’s philosophy in personal transformation, personal development, and her highly regarded and renowned matchmaking techniques.

Whether you have been repeating negative patterns, dealing with a bad break-up, divorce, poor decisions, attracting the wrong people, dealing with low self-esteem or even just feeling lost--this book is for you. Becoming The Total Package will help you improve every aspect of your life for the better. It will guide you and transform you into a stronger, more confident version of yourself. You have the ultimate power to choose the love you deserve for the life you want.
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