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Common Misconceptions About Introduction Services

Matchmaking is not a new concept by any means: in many countries it has been a tradition for centuries, with parents or close relatives helping to choose a partner for young men and women in the family or at least pointing them in the right direction. Professional Introduction services, on the other hand, are still a relatively new concept, when looked at in the context of human history. For this reason, there remain a number of popular misconceptions about what such services involve and the type of people who use them, which we are going to examine in this short article.



3 Popular Myths about Introduction Services in Toronto and Elsewhere


Whether you are based in Toronto as we are, or on the other side of the world, you will almost certainly be familiar with the following myths about matchmaking services.

  1. Only Desperate People Use Matchmaking Services – This is one of the most prevalent myths concerning introduction services in Torontoand other major cities, as well as being the one that has the least basis in truth. Generally speaking, it is not possible to categorize the type of people that use such services because they come from all walks of life and have decided to use an introduction or dating service for a wide variety of reasons. Probably the only thing they do have in common is that none of them are desperate!
  2. They Are Very Expensive – Some companies may charge exorbitant rates but reputable introduction firms normally charge very reasonable fees. It is also important to consider the difference between simple, no frills online dating services and matchmaking services that cater to successful people looking for someone special to share their life with.
  3. They Are Unromantic – Nothing could be further from the truth. In our experience, clients who have made the effort to find and pay forintroduction services in Toronto are more inclined to display their romantic side when on a date. They are seriously looking for a life partner, and they know both parties are playing for keeps! They also have a lot invested in the process as they often like to pull out all the stops on the romance front.
If you would like to find out for yourself just what an introduction service does and why the above myths are inaccurate, please call or email us to make an appointment at your convenience. We look forward to helping you in the very near future.