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7 Ways to Break the Ice at Single Events in Toronto

For those who are planning to attend their very first Single Events in Toronto or who have perhaps not had the time to devote to meeting members of the opposite sex for quite a while, a short refresher on how to break the ice may be in order. The best way, as far as we are concerned, is by using interesting questions to get the other party talking and below are a few to get you started. You may feel more comfortable with some than with others, which is fine. Just take what you can use and discard the rest.



Icebreaker Questions to Use at Single Events in Toronto


If you’re having trouble getting the conversation started and you are both looking at your shoes, try some of the following questions to get things warmed up:

  1. If You Could Use a Time Machine Just Once, Where, and When, Would You Go? – This is a great question to ask somebody that you have just met, not just because the answer they give will tell you a lot about them but also because it’s a subject about which most people love to talk so it’s sure to get the other party interested.
  2. Is There One Type of Food You Never Want to Taste Again? – Another very good question that really helps to get past the initial awkward stage when talking to somebody new because it forces the answerer to focus on all the foods they have tasted rather than worrying about making a good impression on you. As people’s tastes in food can be so different, it can also be great fun and very enlightening to discuss what you do and don’t like.
  3. If You Could Change One Thing about Your Current Life, What Would It Be? – Although this may at first sound like quite a corny question to ask, it can be an excellent icebreaker if the answer you receive is the one you were looking for: finding a new partner to share my life with! Even if you get a slightly less desirable answer, the nature of the question is intended to reveal something of the character of the person to who it is posed, making it a useful opening gambit at any Single Events in Toronto you may happen to attend.
  4. What Would You Most Like to Win an Award for? – The great thing about this particular question is that the answers you receive will almost certainly surprise not just you but whoever you are talking to as well. Most people assume they would like to be recognised for their career achievements but when they actually think about the question, they may realize they have a burning ambition to do something completely different.


Whether you get the kind of answers that really enthuse you or just run of the mill replies, the above questions should definitely help to make your first few Toronto singles events with us a little easier to navigate and a little less nerve racking perhaps.